ICCT Vaikhunta of the West!

ICCT Vaikhunta of the West!


ICCT Vaikhunta of the West!

I believe the thought to build a Hindu Temple and an India Cultural Center in the Mid-South was the noblest thought (Sankalpam) that a small of group of Indian immigrants had in 1990.  It’s clearly the vision and leadership of Dr. Prasad S. Duggirala eventually shaped up into this MIGHTY unparalleled India Cultural Center and Temple in Eads, Tennessee.  

Knowingly or unknowingly see my life deeply intricate with Lord Vishnu. I have spent early part of my life in Kaliyuga Vaikhunta, Tirumala Tirupathi serving Lord Venkateswara. I lived more than 10 years of my life at the footsteps of Tirumala Lord Venkateswara in Tiupathi.  During 1982-1993 choreographed dances to more than 100 Annamacharya Keerthanas and performed to the pilgrims and devotees consecutively several years during Tirumala, Tirupathi and Tallapaka Brahmotsavams, Annamacharya Jayanthi and Annamacharya Vardhanthi utsavams. Now, more than two decades living in another temple town, Memphis and associated with the legend, Dr. Subbaraya Prasad Duggirala. He, who not only think but put everything into practice.

The main deity here at ICCT is Lord Venkateswara, who is known as Alankara Priyudu and Bhushana Priyudu. This temple landscape resembles Tirumala being greenery, lakes, flower gardens and in addition having the Tapovanam at the beginning not only adds peacefulness, but serenity to the place. With my 50 years of spiritual life and meditation, I can experience the presence of Lord everywhere in this temple grounds and I have no doubt to tell, Lord Venkateswara resides here. 

Our Sanatana Dharma, represents our way of life, believes, customs, traditions and cultures. It’s our dream to make India Cultural Center and Temple a “Center for Excellency” not only for our Hindu rituals but also for culture and heritage. ICCT Dance and Music Academies are Dr. Prasad’s long-term vision for future generations.    

Indian Ballet Theater, school of Indian Classical Dance and Music that I started in 1982 in Tirupathi, is now a part of Spiritual Foundation, Inc. Now our Theater and Foundation is in collaboration with ICCT took the responsibility of protecting, preserving and promoting Classical Dance and Music forms of India. I and Smt. Chandra Prabha have been training children at the Temple since November 15, 2014. Since then trained more than 100 students. Recently completed 2nd Anniversary and will be celebrating 3rd Anniversary in November 2017. To make it convenient to our Indian families, we started a branch location in Collierville, Tennessee. 

We’re excited that we have been making tremendous progress and getting nationwide recognition. We’re invited to perform at The Arc Mid-South, Memphis, TN May 20, 2017, and TANA 21st Convention in Saint Louis, MO May 26-28, 2017 and NATS 5th Conference in Chicago, IL June 30-July 2, 2017. Tennessee Arts Commission granted Arts Build Communities grant in 2016 and 2017 several grant applications for 2017-28 are under review. Indian Ballet Theater in collaboration and partnership with ICCT Dance Academy will play a major role in coming years and will rise as signatory organization for Indian Classical Dance & Music.  

For more details: https://icctmemphis.org/icct/home/


Dr. Ramana Vasili
Director, ICCT Dance Academy & Indian Ballet Theater
May 18, 2017