TDF Bay Area Bathukamma Celebrations

TDF Bay Area Bathukamma Celebrations


TDF Bay Area Bathukamma Celebrations

Bathukamma, the unique and auspicious spring festival of Telangana not only Telangana but also Telugu people graced this occasion and celebrated in a big way in the Bay Area at Lake Elizabeth park on Saturday the October 5th 2019. More than 1500 Peoples gathered to celebrate  batukamma, Bathukamma is placed them in the middle and danced around them, synchronizing steps and claps in unique way. Women from Families of Telangana origin made colorful bathukamma from attractive seasonal flowers, assembled at the venue and celebrated the festivities by using Native Telangana clapping and circling around bathukamma by singing Bathukamma songs.

At the end of the day all Bathukamma are set to float in a water.

We would like to thank you to Bay Area Telugu people for support and participate in Bathukamma. 

Special thanks to our Sponsors:

Ulvachars, Sunnyvale
Sankranti, Sunnyvale
Biryani Pot, Fremont
Bawarchi, Fremont
Hyderabad Dum Biryani
Visitorts Guru
Kim Deol Real Estate
OnShore Kare 
Vibha & SERRA THEATERS, Milpitas

Once again TDF Organization thanked volunteers, sponsors and everyone for their participation and making the event a grand success. They vowed to carry this momentum forward more events of Telangana culture and tradition. Thanks HG

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