BATA - Naari-2018 - Fund raiser for the upliftment of down trodden handloom weavers

BATA - Naari-2018 - Fund raiser for the upliftment of down trodden handloom weavers


BATA - Naari-2018 - Fund raiser for the upliftment of down trodden handloom weavers

Women in many traditions are considered purveyors of culture & guardians of tradition. 

This year’s c not only embodied that sentiment to its core but raised funds for the upliftment of 3800 widows and 40000 down trodden handloom weavers to encourage families to continue a brilliant art form of Indian heritage that’s on the brink of extinction.  

An amazing once in a life time opportunity was created for women from all walks of life showcasing the beauty from within as believed by national award winner designer and philanthropist Shravan Kumar.  He handpicked and draped sarees and outfits for all the women that signed up to model his new collection on the cat walk to raise funds for the cause. This brilliant and caring designer has founded this trust to help many weaving families brought to light. His designs were unique, cutting edge, traditional and feel like second skin. 

The evening started off with guests being greeted in the royally decorated foyer with a beautiful back drop for pictures, a large bar providing free cocktails and mock-tails. The main ball room was a feast to the eyes as it dazzled with its gold and pink hued decor and gorgeous centerpieces decorated by Akrisha Wedding and Event Planners. There was another area for Photo op along with free mehndi, nail art and an exhibition of designer Sharavan’s collection. A large variety of appetizers and later a feast fit for royalty was provided by ‘Biriyani Pot’. 

The entertainment began with an icebreaker for the guests at all tables expressing their view and meaning of Naari. Followed by a mixture of Kuchipudi and Tollywood dances and melodic singing. More game shows with the audience being center of attention were thoroughly enjoyed. The pinnacle of the evening came as the cat walk began with a traditional Kuchipudi dancing & Shravan Kumar introduced and explained more than 40 different outfits modeled in 4 different segments. Starting with beautiful Tereyalumal weaves & Gollabhama collection leading in to eye catching Banaras silk weaves and ending with gorgeous evening gowns each consisting of 10 woven sarees. Shravan ended the show by doing a workshop and Q&A on how to drape a beautiful Saree, what a woman should look for in traditional style & how to take care of our best handlooms.

The participants described their experience as a priced moment that has changed their sense of style and the way they view themselves. More importantly it brought a group of likeminded women together and created a powerful bond. 

Every single attendee left with a smile on their face and complete satisfaction of an evening full of guilt free fun and enjoyment that has served as a platform to uplift an age old artist community that weaves our traditions in to the most comfortable clothing on the planet. 

The BATA organizing committee, Vijaya Aasuri, Srilu Veligeti, Sireesha Battula, Sridevi Pasupuleti, Kalyani Chikoti, Swati Malla and Deepika Vangala were recognized on stage and commended for organizing an amazing show that was fun, stimulating & seamless. 

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