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Press Release on the victory of the Congress Party in Punjab


Press Release on the victory of the Congress Party in Punjab

The meeting started with a minute silence in honor of the late President of INOC(I), USA Smt.Lavika Bhagat Singh who passed away in January 2017. Chairman Shudh Parkash Singh recalled his starting the 'Chalo Punjab' campaign and how they were received at AICC by central leaders of the Congress Party like Ambika Soni, Manish Tiwari and others and also the grand welcome that the team had been accorded at Amritsar by Captain Amrinder Singh and his team. He said that the issue of Employment, Drug menance, Education and Health Care were on top priority of the administration of Captain Amrinder Singh and said that Punjab will again see better days and good administration under the dynamic Leadership of Captain Amrinder Singh.

Rajender Dichpally (National General Secretary of Overseas Congress) spoke on the victory of the Congress Party in Punjab and the role that the NRI's played in canvassing for the Party in the state. He said that this victory will be the beginning of the revival of the Congress Party in India under the Leadership of Rahul Gandhi and congratulated the members of Overseas Congress led by Chairman Shudh Parkash and Gurmeer Singh Gill who participated in the 'Chalo Punjab' campaign that saw over 100 NRI's campaign for the Congress Party in Punjab.

Gurmeet Singh Gill spoke on how he led a delegation of NRI's to campaign in Punjab and the ground level support that his team received when they campaigned on behalf of the Congress Party. He said that he was sure that the Party will again be one of the best administered states in India under Captain Amrinder Singh. 

Radhakrishna (Senior Vice President of Overseas Congress) sent his congratulations to the Overseas Congress NRI team that campaigned for the Congress Party in India and said he spoke to several Congress leaders in India to congratulate them on the victory in Punjab. 


Kalathil Varghese (Vice President of Overseas Congress) spoke on how this victory of the Congress Party in Punjab will help in the revival of the Congress Party in India in other states, including Kerela. Ravi Chopra (Vice President of Overseas Congress) spoke on the importance of the victory of the Congress Party and hoped that Punjab will again see alot of development. 


The Overseas Congress team was also invited to the swearing in ceremony of Captain Amrinder Singh as the new Cheif Minister of Punjab and the team led by Chairman Shudh Parkash Singh and Punjab Chapter President Gurmeet Singh Gill attended the swearing in ceremony in Punjab on 03/16/2017. Captain Amrinder Singh also invited the NRI delegation for a exclusive meeting after he was sowrn in as the new Chief Minister to discuss the problems of NRI's and assured the delegation led by Shudh Singh and Gurmeet Singh all support under his new administration.


Rajender Dichpally
National General Secretary 
Indian National Overseas Congress (I) , USA

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