Indian Pharma Professor Ranked among World's Top Scientists

Indian Pharma Professor Ranked among World's Top Scientists

NRI pharma scientist Dr. Samba Reddy has been recognized as one of the world’s top scientists, according to a Stanford University survey. He is ranked in the top 2% of scientists worldwide, based on survey results.

A native of Warangal in Telangana, India, Dr. Reddy now works as Professor at Texas A&M University College of Medicine, Texas, USA. He is a prolific medical inventor and reputed pharma researcher who joins a distinguished list of faculty members in Stanford University’s “World’s Top Scientists” list. (

Dr. Reddy is known as a global leader in neurotherapeutics. With an overall H-index 55, he has published 215 scientific papers, trained over 100 scholars, and authored/co-authored 440 presentations.

Dr. Reddy has made pioneering contributions in the field of neurotherapeutics in developing neurosteroid therapy for brain disorders. His discovery of neurosteroids’ actions at both synaptic and extrasynaptic GABA-A receptors is a leap forward in advancing the clinical use of neurosteroids for neurological disorders.

Dr. Reddy’s transformational research led to the development of neurosteroid therapy for epilepsy and women’s health, including the introduction of two brain medicines: (i) brexanolone, the first US FDA-approved medicine for postpartum depression and (ii) ganaxolone, the first neurosteroid for epilepsy.

Another medicine discovered by Dr. Reddy is in advanced clinical trials for status epilepticus, a life-threatening emergent seizure. These medical therapies are truly lifesaving and improving the healthcare of millions of people worldwide.

Dr. Reddy has won dozens of national awards, including the Global Leader Award in Pharmaceuticals, AFS Distinguished Achievement Award, ABAP Lifetime Achievement Award, and the NIH Fellows Award for Research Excellence. Dr. Reddy has also been elected as Fellow of several prestigious scientific associations. The Fellow status is the highest professional distinction given to scientific inventors.

Dr. Reddy has also received coveted honors from many international organizations, such as the Hind Rattan Award and Excellence Awards from the NATA, TANA, ATA, and Sigma Xi Society.


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