TANA ANNAPURNA - Foundation Initiative

TANA ANNAPURNA - Foundation Initiative

TANA Foundation brings another new project 'TANA Annapurna'. This program will provide nutritious food to the expected mothers and HIV Infected kids in two Telegu states. TANA Foundation would like to thank Ashok Babu Kolla for initiating this project 

Suresh Puttagunta garu will be the 'TANA Annapurna' project coordinator from TANA Foundation.

As a pilot project, we will inaugurate this project in two government hospitals at Vijayawada and Guntur. This pilot project will be monitored by Dilip Kuchipudi garu, Venkat Maddipati garu, and Vijay Kommineni garu to study feasibility and sustainability.

This pilot project will be inaugurated on Friday, October 15th 2021 on eve of Dussehra in 2 hospitals.

We humbly request your heartful support for this project.



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