Telangana Peoples Association of Dallas (TPAD ) Conducts Vanabhojanalu in Dallas

Telangana Peoples Association of Dallas (TPAD ) Conducts Vanabhojanalu in Dallas

Dallas, Texas: After three continuous community service events in the past 3 months, Telangana Peoples Association of Dallas (TPAD) organized Vanabhojanalu to bring together friends and families in  Dallas Telugu community in a huge Horse Ranch,  Big Barrels Ranch, Aubrey in the suburbs of Dallas.

As the event symbolizes the celebration of mother nature, TPAD identified the event location in a rural setting in a large Farm with a big Farm House, away from the buzz of Dallas City.

As the COVID-19 restrictions eased out in Texas, the event gathered attention and welcomed by the Dallas Telugu Community and lead to a good participation.

While President of TPAD, Ravikanth Mamidi guided the execution of the event, Roopa Kannayyagari (Vice President) planned and coordinated the event with logistical coordination by Sridhar Vemula.

The TPAD team of ladies lead by Madhavi Sunki Reddy (Chair of Board of Trustees),

Indrani Pancherupula, Manjula Todupunuri, Lakshmi Poreddy and Anuradaha Mekala (Secretary) cooked authentic Telangana dishes while Phaniveer Koti prepared mouthwatering Handi Mutton Biryani. The aroma of Telangana food and delicacies was salivating.

The Ranch facility logistics were coordinated by Ashok Kondala and supported by Pavan Gangadhara, Sudhakar Kalasani and Linga Reddy Alwa.

The event started off with Ganesh pooja.  The day was filled with full of activities like Dance, Music, games and Cricket. The participants said, playing cricket in the makeshift pitch with green outfield made them feel like playing in real cricket ground.

As women wore colorful sarees, men wore colorful Kurtas and Dhothis, the large lush green farm looked even more colorful with colorful traditional wear.

The atmosphere was filled with spirit of celebrations.

The participants said, they enjoyed varieties of food starting with break fast, and authentic Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian dishes and Handi Biryani for lunch, with evening snack of Mirchi Bajji and Chai.

The participants said, walking in the Horse farm with beautiful Horses and Cows gave them experience of celebrating Vanabhojanalu in a Farm, like we do in India.

Senior TPAD leadership team member Raghuveer Bandaru and Goli Buchi Reddy (Co-ordintaor) presided over the entire planning and execution of the event.

Speaking on the occasion, Rao Kalvala (Chair of Foundation Committee) thanked the City of Coppell for its proclamation of support for TPAD’s  charity and cultural activities. He thanked the Dallas Telugu community for their support in conducting its activities and making them successful.

The TPAD leadership team thanked the owners of Big Barrels Ranch, Aubrey for allowing them to use the Ranch for their celebrations.


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