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'Telugu Times' is the First Global Telugu Newspaper started in July 2003 by a team of experienced Professionals in the Media, Business in India and abroad. Telugu Times is truly global as its pages are prepared in Hyderabad office, transmitted directly to the Press in USA, printed in San Francisco and distributed throughout USA.

North America has over 4 Million Indian Communities and all major language groups have their own news papers in their own language like Malayalees have Malayali publication, Gujarathis have Gujarari publications, Punjabis have Pubjabhi publication, where as Telugu community in USA, being the Second largest and fastest growing Indian ethnic community residing in USA, did not have any news publication in telugu. Thus Telugu Times was started to meet the media requirements of around 10,00,000 Non Resident Telugu community in North America.

Telugu Times is owned and managed by its Executive Board consists of

Jayaram Komati

Satish Chukkapalli

Jayaram Komati

Sathwik Boodati

Venkata Subba row Chennuri

Venkata Subba Row Chennuri

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